Need Assistance???

To apply for assistance, send the completed application to



What do you need to bring to the first visit?

  1. ​Photo ID

  2. Proof of Need -- government assistance (Medicaid, Food Stamps, Unemployment, or Disability).  Low income must bring tax return.

  3. Proof of Pet Ownership -- the documentation must have the pet's name and owner's name on the form.  

Example:  Veterinarian or shot clinic.  You must have documentation for each pet.

Where should you go?

#2 Emma L. Kaus Lane, Alton, IL (off of 140 and Fosterburg Road)

When is distribution?

​9:00am - 11:00am (you must be in line by 11am)

December 18, 2016

2017 Dates


January 29th          February 26th          March 26th           April 30th          May 21st          June 25th          July 30th          August 27th


September 24th          October 29th          November 26th          December 17th


*If you are a new receipient, please notify the volunteers upon arrival.

What do we provide?

We provide enough food to feed each animal for approximately one (1) month with a maximum of 40 lbs. per animal.  Assistance will only be provided to a maximum of 3 animals per household and no animals can be added to the household at any time.

Please note our other guidelines:

  • Applicants must be the pet owner and must be at least 18 years old.

  • Only one person per household can apply for services.

  • You may only receive food assistance from us one (1) time per month.

  • We are a temporary pet food source and not intended for long-term use.

  • We reserve the right to refuse anyone under any circumstances.

  • Reselling the pet food is prohibited and will result in the termination of assisting you with our services.

  • We take into consideration special requests for specific formulas and flavors of dog and cat food (e.g. senior, indoor, etc.) but we are only able to give what we have at the time the request is made.

  • Recipients must be present to receive assistance.

  • We do not deliver.

  • We are unable to provide assistance for breeders, feeding feral animals, rescue group foster parents,or those using pets for  illegal activities.

  • All recipients must agree to not have any animal outside, tethered, or chained 24/7.

  • We are providing a service to the community and ask that recipients only take what they need.

  • We accept all kinds of pet food.  By accepting food and/or services from the RiverBend Pet Food Pantry, the recipient, all household members, their friends and family agree NOT to hold the Pantry, its staff, volunteers, and benefactors legally liable in the unfortunate event the recipient's pet(s) becomes ill or the food upsets the pet's stomach.

  • When your pet receives pet food from the Pantry, you are made aware of the potential risks involved with feeding your pet(s) a new food since it's unlikely that the pet food received is the recipient's usual brand.