Spay and Neuter Clinics


Note:  Any animal adopted through Partners for Pets will already be spayed or neutered.  These clinics are listed here as a resource for the general public.

Why Spay and Neuter Your Pets?

Help Stop Pet Overpopulation

Did you know that only 1 out of 10 dogs born will find a permanent home?  In fact, homeless animals outnumber homeless people 5 to 1!   Spaying and neutering your pets is the first step to help reduce the pet overpopulation, and therefore reduce the number of innocent animals euthanized each year.


Sterilized pets tend to live an average of 2-3 years longer than unsterilized pets!

Behavioral Benefits of Spaying and Neutering:

1.  Neutering will reduce the need to breed, and thus have a calming effect on most males.

2.  Eliminates "spraying" strong-smelling urine on surfaces by male pets.

3.  A sterilized pet is typically friendlier with other pets and is less likely to bite unprovoked.

Health Benefits of Spaying:

1.  Problems and potential risks involved in pregnancy and birth are eliminated.

2.  Developing uterine infection is common in older animals and is eliminated by spaying.

3.  The likelihood of developing mammary tumors or uterine infections increases the longer a female goes unspayed.  A female  spayed before sexual maturity (6-9 months) has one-seventh the risk of an unspayed female of developing mammary cancer.  Breast cancer can be fatal in about 50 percent of dogs.  The risk of uterine infections is eliminated with spaying.

Health Benefits of Neutering:

1.  Neutering a male dog by six months of age helps to prevent testicular cancer, prostate disease, and hernias.

2.  Neutered male pets tend to stop roaming and fighting, thus reducing the risk of injuries and accidents.  The majority of animals who get hit by cars are unneutered males.

Spay and Neuter Clinics

You may click on any of the following providers to be linked to their website.

8495 State Rte. 145 Edwardsville, IL 62025


Madison County Illinois Residents Only

Probst Veterinary Clinic

(217) 532-5222;  247 Springfield Rd, Hillsboro, IL 62049 - call for more information.  Very reasonable rates.