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Cat Room Renovation!

The challenge of keeping cats healthy in most shelters is even greater than that faced by veterinary clinics and boarding facilities. The majority of felines entering our shelter facility are in poor health, malnourished, stressed and with no history of vaccination. With so many opportunities for transmission, one might think the spread of illness completely unavoidable.


However, there is reason for hope. Even if infection control is less than perfect, we can support animals’ own immune response through attentive vaccination practices, stress reduction, wholesome food and clean water and other measures to support well-being.  One of the best thought out measures is a more sanitary, behaviorally friendly housing for cats. At present our shelter uses 3 tier high, open grate, cage towers. These housing towers are not conducive to good sanitation, they maximize the spread of airborne illness and they do not offer our cats a place to hide and decompress.

Better housing means better sanitation and the reduction of feline stress.

Our goal is to install accommodations to prevent illness and reduce stress to create a pleasant, welcoming environment where the public is more likely to come and adopt. This keeps adoptable cats & kittens in the shelter environment for the minimal amount of time.

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Future Housing
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Current Housing
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Mission Statement 

Partners for Pets works to eliminate the suffering, abandonment and euthanasia of companion animals through assisting animal control facilities, community members, freedom transports and community care based initiatives. Our rescue also provides the resources, education and programs needed to promote community pet wellness.

Send cash, check, and gift cards to:

PO Box 445, Troy, IL 62294

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Shelter Location: 9136 Lower Marine Rd., St. Jacob, IL 62281
Open Monday-Friday from 11AM to 4PM

Thank you to Our Sponsors!  

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